Fix That Leak in Your Roof

Call our team for leaky roof repair services in Rupert & Burley, ID

After a storm passed by, you found an ugly surprise - a water stain on your ceiling. Maybe you found some water dripping, too. To fix the leak in your asphalt shingle roof, you need an experienced contractor. You can count on Home Town Roofing & Construction in Rupert & Burley, ID.

Our team has more than 16 years of experience with professional roof repair. We can:

  • Stop a persistent leak
  • Patch a punctured roof
  • Replace a severely broken roof

We'll do what it takes to make sure that your building has a fully functioning, durable roof. For a free quote on residential or commercial leaky roof repair services, contact us now.

Don't let a leak linger

Leaky roof repair isn't a project to put off. A leak brings water into your building, damaging your building's materials and encouraging mold growth. Plus, a hole in your roof creates a draft that makes your HVAC system's job harder. Book our professional roof repair services right away to reseal your roof.