Make Way for a New Roof

Our team can remove damaged roofs on homes and businesses in Rupert & Burley, ID

Is your roof so worn-out or broken that it must be replaced? Before you install the old roof, you'll need to tear off the old one carefully, leaving as much of the supporting structure intact as possible. Home Town Roofing & Construction can remove a damaged roof from your building in Rupert & Burley, ID.

We'll remove your roof quickly with professional tools, but the precise roof removal timeline depends upon:

  • How large your roof is
  • How damaged your roof is
  • What your roof is made of

The process may also be affected by factors like weather and your schedule. To plan to remove your damaged roof, consult a contractor today.

Install a more durable roof

If you would like to replace your old roof with an asphalt shingle one, you can rely on our team. We'll bring more than 16 years of experience with roof removal and replacement to the table. Go to the Roof Replacement page right away to find out about installing a roof with our crew. You can also reach out to us for details and a free quote.